Skin Degreaser-Detox Body Cleanser
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709ml /24 oz
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Product Description

Skin Degreaser is an excellent product to clean, detox, and heal our skin. Maintaining clean skin for our largest organ is key when getting started on your detox/healing journey. We are surrounded by 1,000's of toxins daily that our skin can easily absorb, such as pollutants in the air from cars, factories & machinery, chemicals in material or clothing, cleaning products, beauty products and the list goes on. Clean drinking water is number one for all around health (skin too) but so is the water that we bathe in. Bathing in non filtered water is harmful to our bodies because we are absorbing chemicals and constituents that are used to clean the water. Along with the chemicals in our water our soap or body wash may also contain chemicals that may clog our pores. Over time this may negatively affect how well your lymphatic system functions. When people get sunburns, it is actually the yeast, mold, and candida that live on our skin being affected by the sun. When we are mindful about keeping our skin clean and nourished our skin will have the ability to absorb the nutrients we put on our skin, have a healthy glow, absorb the healing Vitamin D3 (sun), and you may even notice that unhealthy spots start to fade. Yes, all of this is possible for fair skin tones.