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Wellness Essentials ~ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder
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Product Description

This is pure food-grade diatomaceous earth, ground to a fine powder. It is unprocessed, not treated with chemicals and unbleached. It is a natural light beige color, not pure white which indicates that it has been bleached and processed for use as a beverage filtering agent.  Food grade DE has been tested to be free of heavy metals and is not heat treated, which changes the silica into a crystalline form harmful to the body.

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sand extracted from the earth. It consists of microscopic skeletons of algae — known as diatoms — that have fossilized over millions of years. There are two main types of diatomaceous earth: food grade, which is suitable for consumption, and filter grade, which is inedible but has many industrial uses.

The diatoms in diatomaceous earth are largely made up of a chemical compound called silica. Silica is commonly found in nature as a component of everything from sand and rocks to plants and humans. However, diatomaceous earth is a concentrated source of silica, which makes it unique. 

Silica is an important component of human ligaments, cartilage and musculature and is also abundant in plants since it facilitates their growth and development. Studies have shown that it’s an essential mineral for the body to build strong bones, hair, nails and teeth, and it’s needed to carry calcium into various parts of the body.

DE is used for digestive cleansing and to naturally eliminate free radicals, viruses, parasites and other harmful organisms by binding to them and carrying them out of the body. It also has the ability to improve the body’s use of calcium, improve bone mineralization, protect joints and fight effects of aging. It's also a great source of silica to build hair, teeth, nails, bones and skin.

Diatomaceous earth works like a natural detoxifying agent within the body, killing parasites and viruses that can contribute to illnesses while also helping to clean the blood. Some of the benefits of using DE internally include reducing odors, helping to curb gas, cleansing the digestive tract, boosting liver function and absorbing harmful toxins within the blood.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that silica also helps eliminate heavy metals from the body, such as aluminum, making it perfect for a heavy metal detox. In studies, it has been shown to have a high-aluminum-affinity and reduces aluminum availability from the human gastrointestinal tract.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging stated that dietary silicon is beneficial to bone and connective tissue and helps prevent low bone mass (osteoporosis). Silica within DE helps with normal bone metabolism and joint formation, with evidence over the past 30 years suggesting there’s a positive association between dietary silicon intake and better bone mineral density. Thus, DE makes a great addition to any osteoporosis diet and treatment plan.

It's also a natural dewormer for dogs and cats, just mix it in their food.

Here are the recommended steps for safe use of DE as a detoxification agent and to protect bones and joints (but always consult with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement routine):

  • Take about one teaspoon of food-grade diatomaceous earth powder with water once a day. It’s best used on an empty stomach at least one hour before or two hours after eating.
  • Drink an additional cup of water after each dose of DE to improve its effects. In general, make sure to consume plenty of water with DE and stay hydrated.
  • Increase your dosage slowly over several weeks, working your way up from one teaspoon to two teaspoons daily, or one tablespoon max. Split the dosage into two parts taken in the morning and one at night.
  • Take DE 10 days on and 10 days off for 90 days to effectively and safely detox. Another strategy is to take it daily for a few weeks at a time as you track symptoms, stopping and starting again throughout the year. It’s safest when you give your body breaks and don’t use it continuously for very long periods of time.
  • As a note of caution, initially you might notice some mild side effects that can develop as your gut environment changes, yeast dies off and your body releases stored toxins. This can include mild headaches, fatigue and flu-like symptoms, which should diminish within a couple weeks.

You can take it with water or mix it into another liquid if you prefer, such as  juice, yogurt or a smoothie. It won’t dissolve when mixed into water, so it’s normal to see some residue.

Diatomaceous earth can also be used in the home and garden as an effective pesticide. When insects come in contact with it, the sharp edges of the diatoms cut their exoskeleton and they die of dehydration.

Size 100 grams