Refresh Cleanser
Refresh Cleanser : Oil Cleanser+Moisturizer+Anti-inflammatory Spray
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120 ml / 4 oz
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Uvita Feria; Eco Feria

Product Description

Enough with soapy cleansers a.k.a surfactants. These suds get lodged in our pores and cause an array of skin conditions/issues. Why do you think the ancients of Egypt and Greece adorned their bodies with Beautiful Botanicals and lusciousLipids?  Could it be the pioneers of all cultures and industries knew the importance of connecting with what earth has provided and their benefits to our vitality? I absolutely believe this is the case. Unfortunately, the Skin Care industry has swayed us from these principles that should be in our nature. Having said that the time for chemicals and rough Surfactants is over. We must treat our bodies with Nature's medicine. Simple ingredients you can trust to clean and aid your skin with: Golden Jojoba Oil-is a wax from the plant that never goes rancid and mimics our natural sebum (oil). It unclogs pores by dissolving oxidized sebum as well as settles overactive Sebaceous Glands. Transfers phytonutrients to the tissues of the deepest layers of skin. Blue Tansy - Supreme Skin Solution which is incredibly soothing and calming. Acts as an anti inflammatory. Cypress - is a strengthening and cooling oil, fortifying tonic, and astringent. Its antiseptic properties clear congestion and heals skin conditions. Lemon - helps clear away the impurities giving the skin a beautiful radiant glow. Lemon is even known to help fight exhaustion and depression.  How to use: ~ Cleanse the skin of dirt, makeup and pollution without creating imbalances in your sebum production. Which any cleanser that has foam does. ~ Heal and Regenerate as a Day or Night Moisturizer. ~ Helps with Bug Bites, Itchiness, and Wound Healing anywhere on the body.