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Daily Detox: Intestinal & Body Scrub
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240ml / 8oz
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Uvita Feria; Eco Feria

Product Description

Our skin naturally sheds every 28-53 days, therefore help slough off all your dead skin cells with this effective and nourishing detox scrub. This scrub does it all, without the harsh ingredients. Detoxify, hydrate, exfoliate and balance your skin, leaving it as soft as a baby's backside.With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth ( Fossil Shell Flour/ Amorphous Silica) , Sodium Bicarbonate, MSM ( "Miracle Supplement") and Activated Coconut Charcoal you will wonder how your skin managed BEFORE this scrub. Directions: Pour a small amount of scrub onto wet palms and mix with your favorite face wash or body wash ( I recommend Dr. Bonner' Castile Soap). Gently apply in small circular motions to damp face and throughout body with fingertips. Thoroughly rinse face and pat dry. I recommend finishing with a pat of Food For Your Skin Body Butter ( you can find in my shop) or coconut Oil. 2 times per week. Bonus: you may INGEST this scrub/mixture for an intestinal cleanse. That is right, take 1 tsp - 1 Tbsp in 8oz of clean water, in the morning on an empty stomach, to clear out whatever may be stuck in your lower intestines and then some.