champaka flower rollon
*NEW ~ CHAMPAKA (Nag Champa) scented roll-on ~ great GIFT idea! (more info...)
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Product Description

The mystical magical Champaka flowers (Michelia alba) are prized in South Asia for their intoxicating scent. Champaka flowers are the powerful fragrant blossoms of the Magnolia family, regarded as one of the most sacred flowering trees of India and tropical Asia. The flowers exude a divine fragrance said to be exceedingly pleasing to the Gods. Especially in India, they are primarily used for worship at temples, whether at home or out, and girls and women wear them in their hair by as a beautiful ornament as well as a natural perfume. Flowers are floated in bowls of water to scent the room, as a fragrant decoration for bridal beds, and for garlands.

Champaka flowers have a delicate and seductive fragrance, are widely used in aromatherapy to soothe, calm and relax the mind and body. They are one of the key ingredients in Nag Champa incense, and Jean Patou’s famously expensive perfume, 'Joy', the second best selling perfume in the world after Chanel No. 5, is derived in part from the essential oils of champaca flowers. 

These scented roll-ons are made from various essential oil compounds blended to replicate the unique smell of Champaka flowers. While not completely natural (there are some synthetic elements) each one was carefully researched to determine it is nontoxic and safe to use. As well, there are no parabens or phthalates.

Each roll-on contains Champaka fragrance oil in avocado oil.