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Product Description

What is blood? Blood is a body fluid fluid responsible for transporting crucial elements such as oxygen and nutrients to our cells. During this process, the blood stores toxins that are caused by various factors such as stress, certain foods, and pollution. Apart from this, blood also removes cellular waste.

When these toxins pile up, our body does its best to get rid of them. It does this naturally with the help of organs such as the liver. Although our body does a great job handling these toxins, it’s never a bad idea to lend a hand. This is where blood cleansing comes in. Blood cleansing is also an excellent thing to do after treating any systemic kind of infection, for example Staph.

Benefits of Blood Cleansing

  • Various organs in our body such as the kidneys, heart, liver, and lungs all depend on healthy blood to perform their functions.
  • Impurities in the blood cause problems like acne, dry skin, and blemishes. Clean blood makes you less vulnerable to all of these.
  • Cleansing your blood regularly can help regulate your body’s temperature, pH value, and water balance.
  • Healthy blood can help reduce blood loss from an injury through the presence of sufficient white blood cells.
  • Blood cleansing helps eliminate the risk of numerous health conditions and allergies.

Raven's Remedies Blood Cleanse Tincture formula contains: organic Burdock root, Red Clover, Dandelion root, Yellow Dock root, Manjistha, Parsley, Sheep Sorrel and Ginger in alcohol. Sediment is natural so shake well.

Do Not Use if: Pregnant or Nursing; kidney, liver or bowel disease; gallbladder/bile duct obstruction, kidney stones or IBS; taking diuretics. Use caution with diabetic meds, estrogen-dependant conditions, hormonal contraception or HRT.