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Raw Tempeh - Black Bean
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Needs refrigeration
1 paquette / (170-190g)
Ikara Tempeh
Prepared foods

Product Description

Fresh handmade Raw Tempeh that has been snap frozen. Simply thaw and add to your favourite dish as a high protein meat substitute. Pan fried in Coconut oil is a real treat.

We have been making tempeh for over 15years and this flavour is black bean. Rather than using traditional soybeans (which are all imported in Costa Rica) we have chosen legumes that can be obtained from local suppliers.

Tempeh is high protein food that contains a powerhouse of nutrients that are all bioavailable. Our products are vegan, gluten free, free of chemicals and preservatives. Ingredients: Black Beans and Tempeh Starter (Rhizopus Oligosporus in RIce Flour) Tempeh will last for 10 months when frozen.