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Raven's Remedies
Holistic Health and Wellness
Wellness Essentials
Tinamastes Feria;

Product Description

Raven's Remedies offers a wide range of carefully selected natural products to support your Health and Well-Being.

The collection includes:

~ Essential Oils ~
All Raven's Remedies Essential Oils are 100% pure Therapeutic Grade oils. All are grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and some are from certified organic farms. They are steam distilled, except for the citrus oils which are cold-pressed. I also offer doTerra essential oils for those that prefer the brand name.

~ Hair and Skin Oils ~ 
A wonderful collection of pure natural oils for Hair and Skin Care.

~ Healing Herbal Teas ~
Delicious organic teas from Divina Vida farm, carefully blended for healing benefits and great taste. Each tea bags contains a small quartz crystal to further activate and enhance healing benefits.

~ Tinctures ~
Tinctures are concentrated plant extracts taken internally to balance and restore health to the body. I offer single tinctures as well as blended formulas designed to address common health issues. The herbs/plants are carefully chosen and combined based on extensive scientific research into their healing properties and benefits, as well as my own experience and studies as a herbalist. If you click on the product name you will find detailed info on the uses of that tincture and a list of ingredients, as well as any contraindications.

~ Wellness Essentials ~
Featuring: Bug Bite Relief Salves; Hand Sanitizers; Ear Care; Skin and Nail fungus treatments; Tiger Balm; Dental Care products; help for Detox and Cleansing; and soothing oils for relief of Herpes outbreaks. 

~ House & Home ~
Handy things to have around the house!

Please feel free to browse the Raven's Remedies Natural Wellness collection.

To your Good Health!!